Monday, April 18, 2016

Zen, Art, Motorcycles and Hwy 9

April in Snohomish County / Hwy 9
6x5 inches
John W. Stinson © 2016

Norton 850 Commando
The Norton 850 Commando is a sinewy and raw boned motorcycle from the last days of the British Motorcycle Empire. Lightweight, maneuverable, and temperamental when it came to reliability. Being a typical young man of the 70’s I liked fast motorcycles in those days and the Norton filled the ticket. I also read Nietzsche as entertainment back then and understood when he said "the greatest enjoyment of existence is to live dangerously". Living dangerously is a poor man’s meditation and I was a poor man and a serious meditator. You could scream down sections of Hwy 9 at 110 MPH in those days and if your luck held you could make it home again just to do it again a few days later. The attraction of living dangerously through speed on the back of a fast demon is the adrenal rush colliding with a point in time when you no longer dare to think. If you think you will die as your mind is too slow to interpret the dangers and react in time. Hwy 9 is a river of highway consisting of turns both casual and hairpin, straightaways, stop signs, oncoming traffic, blinking yellow caution beacons and the occasional piece of farm equipment lazily entering the highway. You run on instinct, reaction and experience on that type of road at serious speed. No mind is pure Zen and so is a Norton at insane speeds on a dangerous highway. You become pure awareness at 110 mph. You are Zen. It's true you typically do not have a long career as a meditator that way but the people who have done it and lived understand what I mean. 

Times change. People move to the country and the country becomes the suburbs. Hwy 9 through Snohomish county is a commuter highway now and anyone foolish enough to see how fast their Japanese or Italian super bike will go on Hwy 9 won’t be eating supper at home that evening. It's still a painters paradise however and that's why 9 still holds an attraction for me.

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